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I had to replace the band board on the back of my house do to rot from no flashing. Now i need to get flashing under my Marvin sliding patio door that was put in four years ago (same time as new siding). Is this possable? and how hard will this be? Do i have to take the slider frame off? Or is there a trick to this I do not know about. Thank you for your help Trav
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DAVE ACOSTA (Tucson, AZ), 01/15/2019

Depending of the type of may be able to loosen the tension on it. Some use an allen to remove tension and a small pin to hold it as you reposition the allen. Check the top and bottom for an opening. Spring hinges don't have a hinge pin that can be removed. Sometimes I've found it's pretty easy to just unscrew the hinges from the frame and remove them with the door. Are all the hinges spring hinges? Many times its just one. Then its very simple to first attach the 2 regular hinges..then the spring hinge last.

- JOANN MAY (Meriden, CT), 02/26/2019

There's no way to get flashing under it without taking the door out. But if you have access below the door, you can get some butyl flashing tape (like Pella door & window tape, Protecto Wrap, or other similar) and apply the tape over your WRB, and then up under the sill nose. Aluminum sill noses (one-piece thresholds) usually will be hollow on bottom and usually have a fin that is roughly at the same level as the sheathing. If you can tape the butyl flashing tape to the bottom of the sill nose, that will probably be about the best you can hope for at this point.

- P Stevenson (San Jose, CA), 02/13/2019

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