Forum Title: Door rot under threshold of patio door
In process of cleaning out water and moisture from crawl space from recent rain storm here in NE and noticed a good amount of wood mold/rot in the area below my patio door when removed insulation. The damage extends the entire width of my door. Now, this door was replaced several months ago. I will say I noticed some wood rot in the wood under the threshold (not to the extent I am seeing now and shown in pictures below however). I was not here when the door was replaced and when job was done, all new pvc trim was added, including under the door threshold, so all looked great and thought problem was taken care of. So fast forward to today, I took off the pvc trim to investigate and see the original rotten wood under door and pvc trim was just attached to it. This wood rot goes through this piece of wood and onto the sheathing. I do see some sort of vapor barrier going down in between the sheathing and the rotten wood piece it seems. So what are my options to address as I need to obviously fix before I can reinsulate down in the crawl space.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DEANNA CORTEZ (San Clemente, CA), 01/21/2019

One of the nice things about vinyl siding (there are a lot of negatives) is it can be easily removed and reinstalled. Looking at what you have uncovered so far, I would prepare myself for what else you may find. One of those negatives about vinyl siding is, it is often used to cover up a lot of problems. Once everything is exposed you can repair as needed and hopefully there is some sort of house wrap or tar paper to blend in with your new work. Do some research on window sizes as new construction comes standard in a limited selection of sizes. You can get exactly what you need, but they may be special order, several weeks and nonreturnable, so you need to get it right. Bud

- DANA RIOS (Marietta, GA), 02/18/2019

Ok, all makes sense and yep, def should have been done when door was replaced. So the rot goes through the piece of wood directly under the door and hits the rim joist (per the attached picture). It does not go onto the joists themselves. I have cedar shingles. Some more pics

- GINA SUTTON (Greenville, SC), 02/25/2019

I would cut out and remove as much of that rotten wood and sheathing as you can from the exterior. Once you put the new sheathing back on, use a window flashing tape to seal the sheathing to the bottom of the aluminum door threshold. Then I'd suggest you use only PVC trim from there on out. Maybe 2 layers of 3/4 thick pvc.

- LESTER BARNETT (Oak Lawn, IL), 02/18/2019

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